I’m Ines Adriaens , 31 y/o and I start a BOF postdoctoral position in the group of prof. Jan Verwaeren from April 1st onwards. As a bioscience engineer, my main interests professionally are in data analytics, time series analysis and the challenge of how domain expertise can be best included in models to interpret high-frequency sensor data. Both in my PhD and in my post-docs at KU Leuven and Wageningen University Research, the main application I worked on is “livestock monitoring and phenotyping”. Specifically, I try to bring the methodologies and more technical aspects of the analyses closer to the animal-context-farm side of the application to create impactful data-driven solutions and work towards a better livestock production sector.

  • Modelling
  • Time series
  • Animal science
  • Precision livestock farming
  • Post-doctoral research fellow, BOF, 2023 - Ongoing

    Ghent University (UGent)

  • PhD in Bioscience engineering, 2014-2018

    KU Leuven

  • MSc in Bioscience engineering, 2012-2014

    KU Leuven